Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime

January 31, 2019 UPDATE: Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime registration is closed. 

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a Body of Knowledge workshop

As promised, your comprehensive Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime workshop!

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the Details

If your eating and weight feel out of control...

...and you want to get them back in control the easy way, and preferably right now

...and you would really rather not be told that you just need to "eat sensibly" (which - GRRRR! - we all know is code for DIET)

...and you ALSO don't want to actually diet, because you know it'll just make you gain weight in the end, like 98% of all dieters

...and Intuitive Eating SOUNDS like it ought to work, but the last time you tried that you ALSO gained weight, and not just a little bit, but a lot this time you're looking for something that ACTUALLY WORKS.

If that's you, if you want to get control of your eating and your habits and your weight and do it without grinding your teeth and do it fast, I do have a method that works. It's also

  • sustainable
  • simple
  • affordable
  • invisible
  • dignified
  • portable
  • so damn smart
  • and breathtakingly easy

You can become an utterly normal eater - again, on the first day. We will do this by making the switch from bingeing, grazing, dieting, fasting, never-not-eating, and yo-yo’ing to eating meals, and I will teach you exactly how to make this switch easy as pie - a perfectly good food that normal eaters eat, by the way, and you can too.

What you get

Every day for 14 days, you'll get a brief audio and a cheatsheet of the most important takeaways.

All the audios and cheatsheets are downloadable, so you can keep them forever. You can also access them online forever. Either or both: your choice.

We'll cover

  • How to immediately replace the bingeing / out-of-control eating / grazing / restricting habits with a generous, freedom-filled meal structure that will take care of 80-90% of your problem eating INSTANTLY.
  • We'll talk about exactly why other approaches don't work, and how to avoid getting sucked into them
  • and we'll cover hunger and how to moderate it
  • weight loss and what to expect
  • "emotional" eating
  • habit triggers
  • how to handle setbacks
  • all you will really ever need for the rest of your life
  • and a few more juicy topics

We'll also have 4 (optional but extremely useful) hour-long video meetings. These will be Q&A / chat meetings, rather than instructional, tailored for the precise problem-solving you need. The meetings will all be recorded and available to everyone, whether you attend or not.


We'll start on Friday February 1st and finish on Valentine's Day, Thursday February 14th.

Video meetings for Q&A are

  • Monday February 4
  • Thursday February 7
  • Monday February 11
  • Thursday February 14
  • All meetings are one hour and will start at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific, 9pm London, and 6am Tokyo the following morning). Again, these will be recorded, so if you can't attend live, no worries!

The cost

$299. Registration closes January 31.

Who this is for

Everyone who wants support in ending problem eating, permanently:

  • binge eaters
  • overeaters
  • compulsive eaters
  • unconscious eaters
  • problem eaters
  • any combo type of the above

We will do it the very fastest and easiest possible way.


People say

Here are some things that previous participants wanted you to know:

  • "I would recommend to anyone who is interested in a simple, uncomplicated, no-bullshit approach to eating"
  • "You can take this information and begin right away to redo your relationship with food"
  • "I have lost four pounds since the workshop two weeks ago, and it hasn’t felt like a deprivation"
  • "I have not eaten between meals at all since the workshop [two weeks ago]. I've lost 7 pounds. I feel absolutely fine. Not hungry or crazy!"
  • "Your persona "in person" was exactly as I expected it to be from your writing. Genuine. Warm. Thoughtful. Confident. Encouraging. Respectful of people's unique circumstances."
  • "I would recommend this to anyone who thinks nothing can be done about their weight/eating difficulties. This is doable, flexible, can be personalized to anyone's schedule or particular dietary needs, and most importantly it is something nobody else needs to know about."
  • "You will get concrete steps to work with and it's NOT a diet"
  • "Worth every penny"

Warning: Please know this is NOT for you if you want to lose weight fast, for Resort Season 2019 or whatever. Plenty of other people can tell you how to lose weight fast. 

(What they can't tell you how to stop it all coming back next month, because that's not a thing.)

This is also not for you if you have or suspect you have a medical condition that causes you to gain or retain weight. I help people with eating problems, not medical problems.

This is emphatically not for you if you don't want to change the way you eat. (We will be changing that, and it will MAKE YOU HAPPY.)

And this is not for you if you know or suspect that only a deep dive into feelings, emotions, personal history - perhaps including trauma - or matters of the soul will create the change you seek. We are not doing any of that in this workshop. (IT DOESN'T WORK. And it's not necessary.)

We are doing demolitions work on a really terrible habit that you don't need anymore. We are going straight for it with our dynamite and our helmets on and we are going to demolish it for good. Together.

(And then if you want to work on your personal history or any of the other things, you’ll be in an amazingly strong position to do so, and I can guarantee it will be 1000x more fun.)

Bold claims, Mrs. Lady! How do you know?

I’ve done the testing. I’ve spent 30 years in the field, trying every diet, all of which “worked” great, if by “work” you mean they led in the end (read: 48 hours later) to frantic binge eating and weight gain.

I’ve tried all the methods, too, except surgery. I’ve read 1,000 of the hundred thousand books. I’ve spent literally years of my life in ashrams wondering what kind of spiritual understanding those skinny *&%^#s had that I didn’t, pretending I was there for the spiritual growth and not because I just wanted to eat like a normal person, which I couldn't admit to anyone.

I’ve been to workshop after workshop and all the retreats. I’ve let a single raisin melt in my mouth for more than five minutes, meditating with Essential Raisin-ness, on several occasions. I've been to Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous. I've tapped. I had therapy. I struck bargains. I ruined my knees running and also prostrating <- not kidding; recovered Buddhist.

I would have paid anything to solve this problem sooner. Say, when my kids were little, and giving more attention to them than to my obsessions - the wobble in my thighs and the location of the nearest pan of brownies - would really have counted. But instead, I kept eating. 

And I stayed fat. 

Like, really pretty darn fat. (200+ lbs on a 5’3” frame.)

Eventually I had to admit that I probably ate too much. And it still took me a long time to figure out exactly how to change that, because I had a very established habit of bingeing and even more entrenched habit of overeating. 

But I did find a way to eat less that quickly became easy. I found a way to get control of my eating that cost me the least possible effort and zero cash and gave me a huge return, in contrast to all the diets and exercise plans I’d tried that left me weak and hopeless and self-hating and gave me NOTHING IN RETURN but the most temporary weight losses.

And I although I used to think there would always be a binge somewhere in my future, now I know absolutely I will never binge again. There is simply no need. I don’t deprive myself of any food. I don’t get anxious about a future of starvation or a holiday without cake.

And I used to think I’d always be fat, but I’m not. I’m of normal weight. I buy my clothes - cute clothes, too! - right off the rack.

My clients get similar results. In fact, most of them never binge again after the very first time we talk.

So I know this is possible, and I also know now that the reason why normal eating and normal weight are so elusive is that we’ve gotten transfixed by secrets, complex methods and exotic protocols. We miss the obvious. The basics.

Which are 98% of success.

There are no secrets

Important: I don’t have any secrets for you. There are no secrets. (Unless you think “Smoke a lot and walk everywhere very fast in 6-inch heels!” is a secret. Good luck with those methods.)

What I do have for you is the simplest, fastest way to

1. start eating normally 
2. stop binging immediately and 
3. quit the habit of overeating as painlessly as possible

and of course, lose weight permanently.

It doesn’t take long at all. 

It’s not even that hard. 

None of it will be weird. 

You can do it. You can totally do it.

So if you want someone to just get to the point and tell you exactly how to do it, without exercises, prescriptions, or shopping lists, that’s what I got for you.

You can take what I give you and implement it immediately: at home, at work, on holidays, at restaurants, family gatherings.

Use this, and you never need to be out of control with your eating ever again, as long as you live.

Answers to your questions

Q: When you say "normal," what do you mean, exactly?

A: Well, there's something a little weird about the very idea of normal, isn't there? Even though it's supposed to mean "opposite of weird." I mean:

  1. Not obsessing about food, weight and eating. Obsessiveness = weirdness, by definition.
  2. Eating enough (quantity and quality), to sustain life and health, aka not restricting yourself. Most of the time.
  3. Not eating too much, aka not indulging yourself. MOST of the time.
  4. Eating by choice, not from compulsion or habit.

As we've talked about many times before, a lot of us aren't doing that. But it's actually very doable, and anyone here can start today.

Normal eating for you might include mindfulness, vegetarianism, eating locally, and other things. But it needn't, and I'm only talking about the above. It's a happy middle way and it results in instant self-respect.

Q: Will your method help me lose weight? Because I've tried a lot of things.

A: I am sure you have! I have tried them all too. Here's what actually works if you want to lose weight: Eliminate the stuff your habit compels you to eat that's not contributing to your pleasure and your health. The extra weight has no choice but to come off. In the absence of tricky medical conditions, this is just fact. 

How long will it take? No one can say. (If anyone says different, run away!) People vary, and permanent weight loss takes place over time. We can only control the inputs - not our body's response.

Q: Will this work if I’m a parent of small children and don’t have a lot of free time? I also have a pretty irregular schedule. What we're doing in this program - how easy or difficult will it be to pull off with my considerations?

A: Both the workshop itself and the actual method I teach are designed to be easy, and take up less time than you now spend on eating and thinking about eating, food and weight. My aim is that you quickly find yourself with more time and headspace.

The format of the workshop, in contrast to the previous half-day seminars, consists of daily brief downloadable audios, which you can listen to at your convenience. Most of them won't be longer than five minutes. And there are one-page cheatsheets to go along with each daily audio, so you can review in your own preferred format.

The four live Q&A sessions will also be recorded, so no one has to miss anything on account of her schedule. (If you have questions and can't be on the call live, you can just email me. I will answer everything.)

I will also say: The way I eat now, the way I think about food altogether? I would have given my right arm to have had this way of eating when my kids were little. I would do anything to go back in time and wipe my own godawful eating disorder and shame and self-hatred from my kids' world. Don't worry; they are fine! But I still wish I had been more present for my kids, and I would have been without the constant dullness of my obsession.

Q: Just curious about the format you use for the Q&A sessions. A lot of people use Facebook for things like that, but I’m hoping to live this life without ever having a Facebook account. I know I sound like a total Luddite, and if that’s what you use hopefully we can find a workaround.

A: Uh, nope! You sound like a sane person. Here's the only workaround we need: No Facebook group. The truth is, many people are tired of them, and not only because of privacy concerns. Facebook discussion groups are often just more obligation. And we're trying to keep this easy. So we will not be adding that little complication.

We'll get together live via Zoom video (the video part is optional, if you prefer anonymity, and it's pretty convivial and fun.

Q: I'm pretty picky eater and mostly vegetarian. Will that be a problem?

A: Certainly not! Picky eating is not a requirement for normal eating. Neither is it a barrier. Same for vegetarians and near-vegetarians and dedicated carnivores. We're about dissolving the habit of overeating, bingeing, any kind of out-of-control eating that you don't want in your life. It's about eating by choice, rather than compulsion. There's no need to give up any particular kind of food or adopt any kind of diet, unless you decide you want to.

Q: I'm 50+ years old, and I'm about 40 pounds overweight, which is enough to be uncomfortable. A few years ago I lost 40 pounds with [a big commercial group] and I've gained it back since I stopped attending the meetings. Just got sick of them. With that program, it felt like I was hyper-focusing on all things food-related. It got old!

Your approach sounds very attractive. I just want to eat like a normal person, without obsessing over everything. That's my hope for this program. 

A: That's exactly what we want: the end of obsession. It's the goal, and it's the journey. It's the point of our method. You know that phrase What we resist, persists? Whether we're dedicating our brain power to obsessing about food and how to get it or resisting food and how to get away from it - either way, that brain power is feeding the obsession and keeping it locked in place.

A lot of the "work" we do - and honestly, it's barely work - is to dismantle the obsessive thinking quickly and easily so that the whole obsessive habit pattern just withers and dies of neglect <- GLOAT!

PS You didn't ask this but let me just say for anyone who's wondering: You can lose weight at any age.

Q: This looks awesome but I am getting your accountability emails (which are awesome), and I did your online day workshop. I’m assuming I have the tools, but I’m wondering if this class is going to provide me with the support? (Feel free to say Girl, just cut the crap and do the work.)

A: Yep, you do have the tools! Everyone reading my free weekly email has the tools, though not all in one place.


The workshop will give you these things:

  1. So much support! Listen, we're here with upwards of 7,000,000,000 other humans. LET'S SUPPORT EACH OTHER WE'RE NOT MEANT TO STRUGGLE ALONE. Knowledge only gets you so far in a world that just wants you to lose weight fast and doesn't mind saying so, thousands of times a day, in some very unkind ways. I want to say Girl, LET'S GET YOU SOME REINFORCEMENTS!
  2. Essential reminders in the form of 14 audios, none of them longer than 15 minutes and most of them around 5. Omigosh, so much better than three hours worth!
  3. All the basics of the method in the form of one-page cheatsheets. Something for the listeners, and something for the readers.
  4. Four hours of live Q&A access <- these will be fun. Things come up as we go along! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LOW-COST CUSTOM HELP AND ATTENTION.

If you’d like to wake up and be a normal eater the next meal after we start class, you should probably sign up right now: 


Class starts Friday February 1. Registration closes Thursday January 31st.

What happens when I click the link?

You'll be taken to a Teachable enrollment page where you can submit your payment. And we'll get rolling on February 1, 2019.