Quit bingeing today. Stop overeating forever. Lose weight permanently.

There are three ways to work with me:

1. Body of Knowledge Weekly, a personal accountability program.

Accountability as in partnership, that is - not like reporting in to a bad boss. Read more here.

2. Next Body of Knowledge Workshop is tentatively scheduled for late January 2019.

Sign up to hear first about my next half-day seminar.

3. Body of Knowledge Personal 1:1 Coaching

Body of Knowledge is a 4-week program is designed to give you everything you need to confidently feed your body without bingeing, overeating or dieting ever again. 

All the details are here. Have a look, and then send me a note so we can get on the phone and have a quick convo (no cost, no pressure, obviously) to make sure we're a good fit together.

Body of Knowledge: Weekend Edition

You get all the same goodness as Body of Knowledge, only you get it in one unbelievably delightful, delicious, fun and luxurious weekend. Arrive on Friday evening ready to get rid of everything that's held you back. Go home Sunday afternoon knowing, 100 percent, that you will never binge again. That weight loss is happening already. 

In between, we will eat, drink, laugh ourselves senseless, go there, demolish every obstacle in your path, and get this thing taken care of so you can live your glorious life in a much, much cuter pair of jeans.

For the rest of your life, this weekend will be in your Top 5. Contact me for details, including pricing and scheduling.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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