Body {of} Knowledge

Body of Knowledge has one purpose: To show you how to stop overeating forever.

Body of Knowledge is about how you break the bingeing or overeating habit swiftly and completely, without wasting one more moment of your precious life doing things that will never work. 

Because here’s the truth we both know: drastic diets or massive overnight changes don’t work. They’re designed to be something you suffer through and come to the end of. 

And when you do reach the end of that diet, you’ll be in a worse position than you started from. You achieve your goal, enjoy it for about five minutes and then it’s back to Square 1 ... except now you’ve gained a sense of failure and shame. 

And soon enough, a few more pounds. More than you were trying to lose in the first place.

So short-term interventions don’t work. 

And deprivation and body obsession should not have to be the central preoccupation of women’s lives. A super-skinny body shouldn’t have to be the ticket to the Good Life, or stop you going after the things you truly want - like love, success, happiness and nice jeans.

(That’s an injury our culture inflicts upon us, and we don’t have to carry it anymore. My work is to help us put that down.)

None of that works, and we know it. None of it creates the foundation for lasting change and ease.

Real, sustainable, permanent change comes from tiny incremental habits that are easy to acquire, and become second nature.

So how do you build that foundation -- how do you create habits that are positive and constructive rather than restrictive and punishing; and that become so ingrained and natural that you feel like you were born with them?

And how do you stay with it -- easily, and forever? And never feel deprived?

This is the work I offer. 

I’m Max Daniels. I’m a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and my focus is on habit-building, self-care and creating bodies of knowledge. 

I call my method and coaching program Body of Knowledge because it's about building these habits and ways of knowing internally - into your very body - so that this knowledge becomes part of you, and you can access it anytime.

I work with you in three month coaching engagements so that you can integrate one powerful macro-habit -- a whole new way of considering your body, your food and your life -- and then consistently ingrain and practice a series of productive, constructive micro-habits.

Once you’ve got this macro-habit and layers of micro-habit, and have really solidified them, the compulsion and the noise eventually fades out.

So do the new habits. They're there, but they become foundational rather than front-of-mind. You won’t even think about them or wonder what to do. You'll just know.

This new foundation of positive habits becomes part of your Body of Knowledge.

Meeting fortnightly will keep you learning, accountable, practicing, and in the groove. This is how you solidify those habits.

And this will change everything.

You start eating by choice, not by habit. You turn to yourself to figure out what is healthy and right, instead of looking to diets, gurus or magazines to get your marching orders. You walk out of diet jail, never to return. You have the freedom to eat anything at anytime - and that freedom is never revoked.

Sometimes you eat chocolate cake - because you still love chocolate cake! Sometimes you still love chocolate cake, and you don't want to eat it. Sometimes that cake just goes stale in the fridge, and you wind up throwing it out, shaking your head and saying Who AM I?

Guilt and shame are replaced by trust and self-respect. And after a while, your body settles into its sweet spot. Not a number on last century's insurance tables - but a size and shape that feels good from the inside out. 

You start feeling something that you might not have felt since childhood: the feeling of being at home in your own body. 

Body of Knowledge is a three-month hand-crafted coaching program that helps you finally stop bingeing and overeating. For good.

Here's how we'll work together:

You and I will meet by Skype (or phone) every two weeks, for six 60-minute sessions, so that you can demolish the habits that have slowly taken control of your life. Over the course of three months, I will show you how to practice what I believe to be the fastest, simplest, most effective method out there for breaking the habit of overeating and finally get relief from the diet noise in your head.

You'll also have unlimited email access to me in between sessions, to ask burning questions and get help blowing up unexpected roadblocks. Because I'm consistently available to you between-times, you'll have an accountability partner - not in a strict schoolmarmy way, or in a judgey way, but in a supportive and useful way. (I’ve been there.)

In one session, you will feel enormous change and relief. 

Over three months, you'll solidify your new habits so that you truly turn a corner. You'll look back and see a clear before-and-after.

Before: willing to do anything, trying your hardest, clenching your jaw, holding out as long as you can, running out of willpower, giving in, eating all the things, hating yourself for it, and listening to the voices in your head tell you you'll always be fat and out of control and less-than. And of course, starting all over. Again and again and again.

After: being boss. You have the key in your hand. You know how to avoid bingeing, and it's not even hard. You barely overeat (though you're still learning about your body and its needs, and that's fine). You have guidelines, not rules, and you're truly free to eat anything without triggering shame, remorse, self-hatred, or a binge.

I coach you in making this second nature.

  • You will not be weighing, measuring, counting or logging anything.
  • We’ll talk about hunger, and I’ll show you why it isn’t even necessary to learn to eat “intuitively.”
  • We’ll get your whole brain on board - even the parts that have been uncooperative in the past.
  • I’ll show you how to easily dodge the traps that even well-meaning friends and family can set, and how to get through the holidays, travel and special occasions with zero guilt, zero struggle and zero deprivation.

By the time we are done, you will have transformed your eating with a minimum of fuss.

If your body was heavier than it wanted to be, it will have lightened up.

If you have a weight-loss goal, you’ll probably be able to see it from here.

However, as unlikely as this may sound right now, any weight loss will be a mere side effect.

You will be far more excited about the freedom, pride, self-respect and serenity you gain.

Your habit will not be the boss of you. You will be the boss of you.

And you will have the mental space, energy and foundation to finally pursue the goals you're chasing with dieting.

Because that's usually what overeating and dieting and chasing a size 2 body is about.

We're trying become ourselves. We're trying to create a beautiful life. And our culture has trained us to believe the magic key is weight loss.

Instead, we can go directly at the things we want - creative expression, career excellence, satisfying relationships, artful living - and not take the round-about route.

The round-about route is chronic diet, and it doesn't take us anywhere. It keeps us stuck to the kitchen scales and the bathroom scale, so preoccupied we've got no energy for what we really want in life.

Body of Knowledge knocks out that preoccupation, and gives you your mind and your energy back.

Body of Knowledge is not about being the perfect person or finding the perfect diet or finally getting to the perfect weight.

It’s about being the sovereign in charge of your life - instead of being a slave to compulsion.

It’s about dissolving habits that make you feel out of control, and replacing them with habits you consciously determine. 

It's about building new and positive habits and knowledge into your very body, so you can access it anytime.

If you’ve been dieting for the last couple decades, and it’s left you tired, hungry and very disappointed - to say nothing of a whole lot heavier - Body of Knowledge will return your life to you, faster and cheaper than those things that have you coming back season after season.

It will also help you clear space to pursue what really matters to you. Things that will actually change your life.

If this sounds like it beats another 20 years of weight cycling, let’s do this together.

My Body of Knowledge coaching helps you build real, sustainable, lasting change...

...becuase we replace a damaging habit not with deprivation buy by adding layers of tiny, positive, incremental habits that become second nature.

This is how you build habits that are positive and constructive rather than restrictive.

This is how you solidify and practice them so that they become so ingrained you feel like you were born this way.

This is how you get free of the voices in your head, the shame, the sense of failure, and start moving toward living the life that is truly important to you.

This is how you create - and become - your own Body of Knowledge, day in and day out, for the rest of your life.

Body is Knowledge is a three-month coaching program consisting of six 60-minute sessions, unlimited email, free access to my vault of courses and trainings - all designed to help you get sovereign, demolish compulsion, and create a body of habits completely redesigned to work the way you want them to. $1150.

If you have questions, let’s talk! Contact me to set up a quick convo.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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