Body {of} Knowledge

Quit bingeing today. Stop overeating forever. Lose weight permanently.

The Body of Knowledge program is designed to give you everything you need to confidently feed your body without bingeing, overeating or dieting ever again. 

Your body, your know-how.

This is an intensive 6-week 1:1 program that breaks the bingeing and overeating habit. We do this quickly and completely, without wasting one more minute of your precious life dieting or trying to figure out what 5 things you’re “allowed” to eat or anything else that doesn't work and just keeps you stuck.

If you like smart, effective, simple and fast, this is for you.

You already know a lot of things that don't work for you.

You have tried the usual ways to get control of your weight and eating. 
Maybe you’ve found it impossible to stick to a diet long enough to get results. Your willpower was strong - at first - but your hunger was always stronger.
But maybe you tried really hard, did everything right, lost some weight - and then found you simply couldn’t diet forever?

And you gained the weight back. (Plus some, of course.)
Maybe you’re kind of a rebel, and you can’t stand being told what to do - all the way down to how many grams of rice you can eat today.
Perhaps you’ve tried eating “mindfully” but been unable to make it work in real life, where there are families and coworkers and a lot of demands on your attention?
Or maybe you’ve tried getting in touch with your hunger, aka eating “intuitively,” which is supposed to be so natural, but is actually very confusing. 
Maybe you’ve also tried therapy. Getting to the “root” of your problem, or trying to identify emotional-eating triggers, so you can avoid them. 
You might even have tried to set your life up so you can avoid all the triggers, and then find yourself bingeing worse than ever before - on a random beautiful day when everything’s going great.
Trying everything, and still failing to get control of our weight and eating, ugh! It’s really common. And leaves us feeling frustrated, ashamed, depressed, hopeless … and heavier, too.
Well, here’s what you need to know: It isn’t you. It’s the METHOD. 
Dieting will never work, because diets are known to science to cause weight gain in 97% of dieters.

Yes! You read that right. Most diets do the opposite of what they're supposed to do! GAH.
Getting to root causes doesn’t work because, sadly, insight doesn't actually do anything to break habits.
Avoiding triggers doesn’t work because we just don’t have that much control over life.
And mindful eating and intuitive eating are just too confusing and chaotic to deliver the results we want in any kind of reasonable time frame.
If you feel like you’ve failed at everything, you’re not alone. (You’re with 97% of dieters!)

The truth is, you’ve only “failed” at things that were never going to work anyway.

In Body of Knowledge, I give you a method that goes straight to the heart of the problem: Breaking your bad eating patterns, whether that’s daily bingeing or night eating or third helpings at every meal.
When you marry the freedom to eat and the latest science with just the right amount of structure, you have the missing piece you’ve been searching for all along.
It’s simple. And it’s fast. It works even if you’re at the highest weight you’ve ever been. Even if you’ve entered menopause. Even if you can’t remember the last time you were in control of your eating, or if you don’t even know what that means.
And it’s not a miracle. It’s a marriage of sense and science. ANYBODY (yes, you!) can do this.

I’m Max Daniels, and I’m a sensible, research-based life coach. I help women quit bingeing, stop dieting, lose weight and feel unbelievably good about themselves. 
I’m also a former binge eater. I started my (far too long) recovery after finding the work of Geneen Roth. Eventually, I lost quite a bit of weight.

But it wasn’t until I put freedom, structure and science together that I had a simple, immediate and complete solution to offer clients.

(A solution that I still use myself! Founder and first user here.)

These days, it’s common for clients to stop bingeing after our first meeting - and never binge again.

They are able to break their destructive eating habits without strict regimens, retreating to a cave in the mountains, or replacing one bad habit for another.

You can do this too.

Body of Knowledge is for you if

  • You’ve tried enough diets to know starvation and restriction aren’t going to get results
  • You want to lose weight, but you know it’s not all coming off by this time tomorrow
  • You also want to stop feeling compulsive and out of control with food
  • You want a clear plan of exactly where to start and how to continue
  • You want a method that’s flexible enough to fit into your life - not the other way around
  • You want your self-respect back, dammit! You want to feel good in your body and good in your jeans.
  • You’re a teensy bit rebellious and need a program that gives you all the freedom you need
  • And (not a contradiction!) maybe you’re in need of a little accountability to keep you on track 
  • You want a way to handle every possible eating situation without angst and without missing all the fun
  • You want to get started immediately and see results right away
  • And you want to be supported by a smart, adept, knowledgeable coach who’s been there and gets it.

What you get

  • 4 one-hour personal, individualized sessions with me
  • The two simplest, most effective methods out there - one you can use in every situation, including travel, holidays, restaurants and even the highest-pressure social situations to feel completely confident wherever you go, whatever you do
  • Unlimited email support throughout
  • A non-judgemental accountability coach
  • A tailored plan for going forth when we’re finished

You also get

  • Your self-respect and dignity back
  • The end of shame
  • Your sanity around food
  • A sustainable, flexible, adaptable way of eating that you can use for the rest of your life without any self-denial
  • A way of eating that’s so lightweight it’s practically invisible - which means (hallelujah!) no more community participation in your eating “problem”
  • And yes: weight loss - the healthy, sustainable and permanent kind.

What people say

"I turned to Max in a period of serious breakdown. With her help I lost 70 lbs. For practical magic relating to food, there is no better guide than Max. She'll take you there." --Alayne Freidel-Sobel, entrepreneur and mother 

"You were so helpful! I was trying to do this process by myself and I wasn’t getting there. It was like there was a pillow over my face and you took it off. I feel confident, and I can eat like this forever. I'm no longer a binge eater." --M, a client who stopped bingeing and never started again

"When you told me I would stop bingeing after one session, I didn't believe you. But I did stop. It's been three weeks, and I haven't binged." --E, another client who stopped bingeing and starting losing weight right away

"I need you for this because you are the most bullshit-free coach of them all." --Simone Grace Seol, writer and illustrator

"Coaching with Max is some of the best money I've ever spent on myself. I went in thinking, 'I already know what I should be doing.' But Max gently and lovingly saw right through my blind spots and 'yeah, buts...' The results have been more energy and less weight around my belly. Working with Max is a fabulous investment."
Jill Farmer, time management coach

"We don't grade coaches here, but if we did, you would get an A+. I'm so glad you're on the Team." --Martha Beck, O Magazine columnist.

"Max is amazing." --Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self

The details

The cost of the program is $2,000. Please contact me to get started or discuss a payment plan.

NB: My practice has limited space for 1:1 clients at any given time. If you're interested, you should probably set up a quick call with me to talk about it. There's no cost, no pressure, no obligation.

Questions? Let’s get on the phone and see if you and I are a good fit for each other. Drop me a line and we’ll make a time to talk within the next business day or two.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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