• Well I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more ... just because I said I would?

    Just kidding! Doing something just because you said you’d do it is kind of a terrible reason to do anything.

    As a coach, obviously I am witness to too many people taking on “challenges,” setting up public commitments, and otherwise kind of bullying themselves and counting on shame to enforce some action. 

    The only reason to take on a challenge is … drumroll … because you want to. The probability that we will do something grand that we don’t sincerely want to do is approaching zero. From the south. 

    So let me always be the first person to tell you to quit doing what you don’t want to do as soon as you realize you don’t want to do it, and to feel FINE about that. 

    Walking 1,000 miles in a year, though, is actually a real goal of mine and something I want to do. The number is not the point - nor is the point to get you to listen to the Proclaimers again after 20 years.*

    The point is to do the thing, over and over. No one can walk 1,000 miles today; that’s a project you have to chip away at. You’ve got to get out there and walk almost every day, and that is something I really sincerely want to do, because it’s one of those key actions that unlock a ton of bonuses: fresh air, Vitamin D, ocean views, forest bathing, mood enhancement, the possibility of running into friends, potential beach treasure, maybe a good book at one of the Little Free Libraries on my routes, and more. 

    Nothing is going to happen on Mile 1,000 that’s not happening on Mile 16. The round number is just for fun, and makes sure I get 2.7 miles in per day, along with some bigger hikes at the weekend. 

    Key goals that tick a ton of boxes at once are one of the things my 2019 planner encourages, by the way, along with an emphasis on fun.

    The planner will only be available for the next few weeks, so if you have not begun to think about your year ahead, now’s a great time, before the holidays are really upon us, and also while I’m encouraging you to put to rest anything you no longer want to do

    Let’s have the freshest possible fresh start.

    PS  I’ve added a few preview pages for you to download, so you can sample the planner before you buy it.

    PPS  I'm running at over 105% of my mileage-to-date goal, day by day. Does this sound insanely fun to you too? If so, join me! Just hit Reply and tell me how much you love walking, too  and we will GO! (No "walking dresses" required.)


    *Haha it's actually been THIRTY years since Sunshine on Leith came out. We were babies!

    Image: Magazine of Female Fashions of London and Paris. No. 31: London, September, 1800: Walking Dresses, R. Phillips, 1800, Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

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