• Now's a good time to plan for 2019.

    If you want to have a great 2019, that is.

    If you are in the US, I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. And I hope you are not among the many Americans who are consumed with regret about what they ate. Trivial! Wherever we are in the world, what we ate last week is in the past. Let’s leave it there, and do something a lot more fun right now: LET’S THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE.

    Specifically, 2019. Could be our best year so far! Exceeding in greatness even 2018! If we want it to. And if we make a little room for that.

    I like to make room for greatness, delight, pleasure and self-cultivation via a little open-ended planning process. Sketching out the year in a desirable form, always with space left for something even better, because who knows?! Plan for the best, and secretly expect the even better.

    Here is one example: a couple weeks ago I met my physical therapist for a body-composition check. He pinched me with calipers at the arm, hip and thigh, measuring my jiggly bits, and said this:

    "YOU HAVE HIT A RARE AIR. It is extremely unusual for a 58-year-old woman who is not new to exercise to gain this much lean body mass" <- that’s muscle AND bone, dear reader! I am a crone with fresh muscle and bone, and I could not be more pleased about this.

    Here I am about to pick 120 lbs up off the floor in one stylish move, on my own power without even the aid of mascara! Big improvement from barely being able to bend at the knees in 2017:

    Anyway, how did this miracle happen?! How did I go from being a person who could walk all day, sure, but was kinda weak and flabby - to being someone who’s deadlifting nearly her whole body weight? How did that happen? 

    Here’s how: I thought about what I wanted in my 2018, and kicking ass was on that list. Bone loss was not. So I sat down, and I did some planning. 

    And it was really fun.

    Note: I did not make resolutions, because resolutions are not fun. Talking harshly to myself, also no. 

    But planning is fun! Reviewing is fun! Self-discovery is SUPER FUN.Doing the things I most want to do for myself is so much fun. Having my physical therapist say "You’ve gained five pounds of new muscle and bone mass" is the most fun ever. Having him say "You’re gonna be harder to kill": Hilarious fun. Putting more and more weight on my barbell: fun fun fun! 

    (And weightlifting is just one example, by the way. I had an all-around fantastic 2018, I made some wonderful new friends and took a bunch of beach days and increased my income and saw beautiful things and none of that was accidental.)

    If the journey is the goal - and it always is - then planning should be a total lark. Thus, I offer you a completely delightful and extremely effective tool, for you to download, print and enjoy the fruits of. You can avail yourself of the good times and get this planner by clicking right here.

    I hope you will grab it and make use of it, because whatever your ambitions for 2019 are, making space for them by planning increases your odds of success 1000s of times.

    PS  I have emphasized fun here. But I assure you this is also a very effective process.

    Either way, I wish you your best year yet, no matter what.

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