• Accountability: Not the same as a bad boss

    The complicated meanings of weight loss.

    The above is what I want to talk about next week, when we return to our normal schedule. I am really keen to have a conversation about what it means to lose weight or want to lose weight in a culture of fat-shaming and rigid beauty standards. And I'm especially curious to hear what you are thinking. If you're also already contemplating these contradictions, hit me. I'm all ears.

    And if you're one of the many new people here this week, greetings! Super happy to have you.

    Accountability is not like babysitting.

    Sometimes when we hear that word "accountability" it reminds us of bad bosses, cumbersome goal-setting, stupid software and above all stuff we never wanted to do in the first place. Burdens.


    This kind of accountability program is a partnership between sovereign adults. Thus, you will be using it to report on what's happening with the actions you most want to take, the habits you most want to cultivate and the outcomes you most want to see in your life.

    It's VERY WORTH DOING. This is a lightweight, near-magical process with a supportive, approving partner <- that's me. It should pay you back ten-fold, at least.

    The complete details are here. If you read that and have a question that isn't answered there, just contact me and ask away. I will get back to you quickly.

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