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    Body of Knowledge Weekly

    Many of you have asked for help with accountability over the years. AND IT'S TIME!

    As I am always saying, undoing a habit of binge eating can be quickly broken by giving yourself structure and freedom in the form of generous meals.

    I have seen this over and over and OVER. Women who binged daily for decades stopping after one session.

    And then they rode off on a bicycle through the French countryside with a baguette and a bunch of lavender in their basket < well NOT EXACTLY.

    No, what actually happens is they have to reinforce the new habit. Preferably with support.

    Then they discover other habits, second-cousin habits to the binge habit. Things like speed eating or too much sugar. They're ready to break those, too.

    They also find out they need and want to build new habits. Habits that support health and happiness and fitness and are 1000x BETTER THAN DONUTS IN EVERY WAY.

    And these things - replacing an entire set of habitual structures and losing some weight, if you're here for that - are not done overnight. But you can definitely shorten the time you spend if you get some support.

    So that's what I've got for you this week: A year-long accountability support program. All the details and sign-up here, or read on.

    Details (short version)

    It looks like this:  Once a week, on Friday (Saturday if you’re in Asia), you’ll get an email from me with some ideas for making habit change easier and more permanent. It WON’T take long to read. It WILL make your life better, because I will write with proven tips, shortcuts, solid research (and humor) to make you and your body happy.

    I will also ask you every week what's been happening. You'll tell me what you did over the week, and what you want to do over the coming week, and anything else you need help with.

    I will respond - to you, personally - and that is the simple process that brings your odds of success to 95% < AS CLOSE TO A GUARANTEE AS WE CAN GET.*

    Important to know: This program is personal and confidential. Obviously, everything between us stays between us. You should also know that you will never be judged, rated, graded or scolded. I run a very supportive program, no matter what.

    And everything that happens is learning. Everything that results is data. NO EFFORT WILL BE WASTED.

    And by the end of the year, you're going to have a mind-blowing record of accomplishment, momentum and UNBELIEVABLE CHANGE. So much more than if you'd continued to sort of think about changing. Details (complete version) and sign-up here.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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