• Answers to your questions about Body of Knowledge workshop

    Some readers have had questions about the Body of Knowledge workshop.

    Here are the answers, in case you too were wondering.

    Q:  What if I've done your workshop before? Will it be useful to do it again?

    You can totally take the workshop again. There's always new stuff, although the core principles have not changed. And I'll be delighted to see you.

    If you're in need of fresh inspiration, you will find it here. 

    Q:  I can't be there live on the 29th. Can I still do the workshop?

    Yes, of course! I'll have everything for you - video and audio recordings, slides, the famed one-pager cheat sheet, maybe some other stuff - within 24 hours, if not much sooner. You will not miss anything, and if you want to make sure we cover your specific questions, just email them to me and we'll address them.

    PS you won't be the only one. There's always more people who watch later than can be there live.

    Q:  [Some other person's workshop] didn't work for me. Is yours going to be any different? Will it ... actually work?

    What I do is pretty different from almost everything else. And it works UNBELIEVABLY well.

    But you should know a few things: My way of eating results in happiness, sanity and measured weight loss. You will not drop three dress sizes by next week. You will stop bingeing right away.You will become a normal eater immediately. 

    If that sounds good, please join us. So much relief is waiting for you.

    Q:  Do you have a specific set of eating guidelines? Like, is this a diet?

    This method is emphatically NOT a diet! Nothing is forbidden. Nothing is prescribed. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A DIET.

    Q:  What are we going to actually do?

    I'm going to show you the fastest way to demolish food obsession. It's simple, it's easy, it's got two moving parts, there's almost nothing to remember, there are almost no rules, and there will be zero confusion. You're going to learn the most flexible, sustainable, invisible way to eat normally forever. You're going to learn the simplest, quickest, most direct way to dismantle the binge habit ever. You're going to be able to ask me anything, and get all your questions answered.

    Best of all: It feels good right away. There's no white-knuckling, no teeth gritting, no praying desperately to make it through, no getting a plain espresso when everyone else is getting gelato, no trying to tell yourself bullshit like nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels < I meannnn we all know that's a lie, and the dum-dum who said it never tasted passionfruit soft-serve in an activated charcoal cone, that's for sure.

    And you know what else? You'll never again have to choose between happy with what you eat and being happy with your body < OMG SO GOOD!!!

    Q:  What's the difference between the workshop and your private coaching?

    My private coaching is 1:1 time between the two of us over an extended period, plus unlimited email between sessions. We have time to really get into your particular situation. And for some people, the accountability piece is very important.

    But I don't hold back any secrets from workshop attendees, and the method I present is the same. The workshop is a great affordable alternative to private coaching.

    If that sounds good to you, please join me for my last workshop of 2018. All the details are here.

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