• It's never about diets

    I'm annoyed about diets today.

    And want revenge on them. So I’m going to tell you a little story about the time I was pregnant with Son no.2, and in one of the worst job cultures I’ve ever experienced. 

    This was 20+ years ago. It was the middle of the winter, and I had a brand-new job, and a crap commute. And I was big, and uncomfortable, and I had to pee all the time. And unlike with Son no. 1, I was never not starving. 

    My job was kind of stressful, mostly because the culture was such a bad fit for me. It was a very small company, family owned, lots of in-laws and cousins and whatnot, and everyone knew each other. And liked each other, pretty much. And ate lunch together.

    Every single day.

    But they didn’t go out to lunch. They went to the conference room for lunch. Everyone, together, same time, every day, trooped into the conference room with their sack lunches. It was like being back in primary school. 

    (Perhaps I have not told you: I grew up partly in Albuquerque. And back in the day, in Albuquerque, if you brought a sack lunch, you had to sit at a SPECIAL TABLE. With the four other loser kids and their sack lunches. I’m sure this was a highly effective method of selling more school lunch, because nobody wanted to sit at that table off in the corner with us loser kids.

    Once in a great while my sister and I would get money for a hot lunch and man, those lunchroom burritos were actually really good! But the truth is, our family didn’t have money for regular school lunch, and that is why I never forgive a restaurant that doesn’t deliver a better meal than homemade, and why I will never not be overjoyed and pinching myself to eat at a place like Daniel.)

    Anyway, back to the job that reminded me so much of grade school. These women would march into the conference room, unpack their sack lunches, and here’s what would happen next: They would eat their lunch while talking about their diets.

    Ugh. Just SHOOT ME.

    Note that of course they didn’t call their diets "diets." Even in the 90s everyone knew not to call it a diet already.

    It was called “eating healthy.” “Taking care of yourself.” Perhaps “saving money.”

    One of the women there ate the same thing every day: a little cup (not a whole culinary measuring cup! a little cup) of cottage cheese and a half grapefruit. And not a broiled grapefruit with brown sugar and a maraschino cherry, either. (A dish due for a comeback, because you know how fashion works.) Anyway, NO! Not a broiled half grapefruit, but a COLD one. In the middle of winter. 

    Every. Dadgum. Day < also that woman was my boss

    Reader, even though I was hormonal, starving all the time, and about as emotionally controlled as a character in Fast and Furious XXVI: Groundhog Day, I held my tongue. I did not educate those ladies on why Fat is a Feminist Issue and why diet culture is sucking the life out of half the planet. 

    I just got out of that job as fast as I could, or in about two months, which is pretty darn fast for a visibly pregnant lady with a skinny-ass resume. But it was a long two months from the inside, I can tell you that.

    So! I say all this to say, in case you are one of the people who worry that what I do for a living is package up diet culture and make it look like a layer cake, I say NO.

    Dieting cannot be what LIFE is about, dieting is not what am about, and dieting is most definitely not what my WORKSHOP is about. 

    There will not be dieting. There will not be talk of dieting.

    Instead, there will be pleasure, there will be feeding ourselves, there will be getting enough of everything we need, there will be self-trust, there will be laughs, there will be surprisesrelief and an end to bad habits, an end to obsession.

    And an end anything else related to food or weight that's standing in the way of your PERFECT FREEDOM around food, weight and eating. 

    If that sounds good to you, please join me for my last workshop of 2018. All the details are here.

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