• How to kill food obsession

    I got an email this week that made me cry. 

    It was an email from a client I worked with a year ago. Literally, I cried when I read it. Here is a bit of what she wrote:

    “I’ve lost 18 lbs since we ‘met.’ I did it without any punishing exercise. Once I stopped bingeing, I realized I didn’t need all that penitential running either, which I had been doing since college - right alongside the bingeing. 

    “Still, the best part has been all the brain space I have since getting that bingeing monkey off my back.”

    We all know that monkey on our back. 

    It's preoccupation. Obsession. It looks like missing life.

    We struggle all day long about what we "should" eat. Back and forth about what we're "allowed" to eat. Whether we're hungry "enough" to eat. What and where and when and how much to eat.

    (And who's going to see us doing it.)

    And you're better than that. LIFE, really, is better than that.

    The client above stopped bingeing. She stopped running and replaced it with yoga (exercise she likes). She lost 18 lbs in a year (without strain). She got a lot of headspace back. And with it ... she wrote a book. A book, people! I am reading this book right now. 

    That is what's possible when you're free of food and weight obsession. Other, better things become available to you.

    So if freedom from bingeing and obsession sound good to you, you should try my eating protocol for binge eaters and habitual overeaters. This protocol destroys dithering and obsession. It restores dignity and pleasure. It allows your body reach to reach its healthiest weight. 

    In fact, it solves almost ALL THE PROBLEMS faced by overeaters.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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