• Exactly how to eat, forever 🍳 🍞 🍎

    Experts do agree, actually.

    The best piece I've ever read on food and health...

    ... is also one of the shortest. And I wanted to pass it on to you not only because it will answer, once and for all, a lot of questions you've been asking, but also because it's 1. delightful and 2. brief.

    Friend of the newsie (FOTN) Mark Bittman wrote it with - okay, Bittman is not my actual friend, but I do admire him, as well as pity him re: the size of his kitchen; sad! - with Yale-trained physician David L. Katz. It's smart, it's readable, and I encourage you to use its recommendations and see how you do. I think you'll like them.

    You can read it right here.

    Okay, that's the week! And I'm heading out on vacation, so I will talk to you again at the end of July.

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