• Last night I spent 3 hours in Beyoncé's presence

    Hi friends! I’m recovering from Beyoncé today.

    That is if Beyoncé is something you could or would even want to recover from. As she herself sang last night, Tonight I'm *&$%ing up all your sh*t, boy. 

    Which is what Beyoncé does, and which is what I came for. To get my sh*t thoroughly *&$%ed up (which is, to be clear, something I love WHEN I CHOOSE IT FOR MYSELF).

    Anyway, it's going to take me a lot longer to absorb everything that On The Run II was, but here's one thing that was obvious, is obvious and still bears repeating:


    She is a regal queenly presence. And that is not just the result of working hard and grinding til she owns it, because we all know grinds who don't have it. It also doesn't just naturally come with Goyard all in the closet, because we all know rich people who don't have it. And it isn't because she performs in a purple cape, because, well, you know.

    I think Beyoncé's queenliness is a decision. I think it rests on a rejection of everything in the world that says

    • to rule you need to be white and male and
    • to be beautiful you have to have a thigh gap and
    • to be happy you need to bypass hard feelings and
    • to go after what you want makes you a bitch.

    I think at some point Beyoncé decided she was going to be the sovereign in her world, and she didn't wait for someone else to give her the charter. She put the crown on her OWN head. And everything about her reflects that. 

    (And then she became the sovereign of everyone else's world too, haha.)

    So this week I want to ask you how you might put your own crown on, today and every day. How you might cultivate your own queenliness. How you might stop begging the world to anoint you. And tell me about it! I'd love to hear. JUST HIT REPLY.

    PS  If you aren't sure where to start in your realm, I suggest devaluing the currency of unworthy things like compulsory thigh gaps. 

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