• One moment of mindfulness is all you to need change forever.

    One moment of mindfulness is all you need to change the way you eat ... forever. 

    You are probably familiar with Geneen Roth. She saved my sanity in my 20s, so I will love her forever. And I’ve been lucky enough to be on more than one retreat with her, where one time she told this story: 

    A Buddhist abbot was sitting down to breakfast with his monks. They ate in silence. No chatting, no phones, no entertainment.

    The abbot also ate in silence, except to snort or harrumph … in response to something he read. In his NEWSPAPER.

    The monks watched him, irritated. Finally, the resentment got the better of one of them, who burst out, “Master, you always say ‘When you eat, eat. And when you read, read.’ But here you are at breakfast with a newspaper!”

    So the abbot lowered the newspaper, looked at the monk, and said, in a mild way: ‘It’s true. When you eat, eat. And when you read, read.

    "But when you eat and read, eat and read.”

    And then I think Geneen probably reiterated, But listen, when you eat, just eat.Or something like that. Because she’s pretty committed to mindful eating, and mindfulness altogether.

    And that’s where we part ways. Because you don't actually need to be constantly mindful while eating in order to stop bingeing or overeating.

    (I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be. Any meal could be your last meal! Might as well be present for it.)

    But to go straight from compulsive eating to mindful eating can be too fancy of a move for a lot of women. It’s hard to do in one step.

    So I suggest something even simpler: Decide what you’re going to eat before you eat, and don’t eat more than that. Be mindful if you want to. Read the newspaper if you prefer that. 

    One moment of mindfulness is all you need to change the way you eat forever.

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