• If your doctor told you to gain weight, could you do it?

    I know I could...

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    Now then. My #1 most frequently asked question:

    Will Body of Knowledge work for me if I have health issues?

    Last week I got an email from a woman who asked this. She had a number of health issues, ranging from the sort of thing that hardly anyone is lucky enough to avoid, to the type of issue that is truly unusual and can be quite challenging.

    Still, she’d like to take off 10+ lbs, and keep it off. So here’s a way, if you're like her, to think about that.

    Say you had health issues that compromised your ability to get strenuous exercise. You can’t hope to hit the gym regularly, never mind hard. You will not be lifting heavy metal and building muscle mass.

    And yet: your doctor has told you that you need to GAIN 10 lbs, and keep it on.

    Could you do it?

    I bet you could. I know I sure could, and it wouldn’t take long, either.

    I would do it by EATING. I would eat more energy-dense (read: high in calories, aka sweets and fats and processed carbs) foods. I would increase my alcohol intake and enrich my 5 o'clock snack. I’d eat out more. I’d eat prepared foods. I’d skip foods that need to washed and chopped* in favor of foods (or “foods”) that are pre-digested and made up of ingredients with scientific names.

    I’d eat whenever I felt “hungry,” even if that “hunger” was not real hunger at all but actually something more realistically labeled as thirst or fatigue or anger or grief or restrictive clothing or indigestion or even just normal digestion

    And I’d eat pretty much all day long and into the night. 

    But I’m kind of a Viking, as Ralph Wiggum would say, in the weight gain area. I feel I have a real zeal and talent for it. You might not be as prepared as I am to really devote yourself to packing on extra poids. But I bet you could gain some, if you put your mind to it.

    And I'm almost certain you have health issues, because health issues are the nature of life in a human body.

    So even with physical challenges, if your human body is capable of gaining some weight, it’s capable of losing it.

    All you need to do is be willing to look at, evaluate and change the way you eat

    This is not bad news. Really, it is so much quicker and easier than you think. 

    * “Wash and chop” is what Marilyn Wann, author of the useful book Fat!So? refers to when she talks about the good kind of food processing.

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