• Yes, it really works: And other answers to your questions

    Hi friends! Thank you for responding to the survey recently about preferred times and dates for the upcoming Body of Knowledge seminar. Here's how that shook out:

    • Most of you are either on the other side of the world or on this side, but otherwise occupied and will be listening to the recording
    • The next biggest group preferred Saturdays
    • And relatively few people wanted to do this on a weekday

    So I'm 80% sure we'll be doing this on Saturday May 19, 10am Eastern. Details and signup info to come.

    A few of you had more questions. Here are all the answers:

    Q: Did you mean $200 less than usual, or $200 total?

    A: I mean $200, total. I really want to make this work accessible.

    Q: Is it really as easy as you make it sound, or will it be a conscious struggle forever after, as it has been up until now. 

    A: Yes, it’s actually pretty easy, especially compared to bingeing in secret and obsessing all the time and hating yourself except during the first 4 hours of your diet and wallowing in shame and watching your jeans get tighter.

    No, it will not be a conscious struggle forever. We are going to replace an unconscious habit of bingeing with an unconscious habit of normal eating. On the way there, you will be making some conscious choices.

    Will this feel super-comfortable? Not always. Can you do it? YES. Yes, you can.

    Q: Will I really lose weight, or just calm my Binge Eating Disorder (BED)?

    A: You can absolutely lose weight. I don’t care how old you are, if you can gain weight, you can lose weight. And we all know how to gain weight.

    "…or will I just calm my BED?"

    Would that really be a “just?” What if "all" you got was NO MORE BINGEING.Let’s do the thought experiment: no bingeing, no kidding yourself it’s a secret no one knows, no stealing your roommate’s food in the night and telling yourself you’ll replace it before they notice and being quite, quite wrong about that, no shirts all stained in front in the same place because you eat so fast and so mindlessly, no being crushed by despair, diets, and the feeling that everybody else can handle food, no trying to clean up food that you threw in the trash but decided you wanted back anyway, etc.

    Woman, that’s suffering. Imagine that’s all gone. Would that be disappointing? 

    But, you know: See above. (You can absolutely lose weight.) If you change what you eat for the better, you will not be able to avoid losing weight.

    Q: Great idea! Want this to be it (no pressure!) and not shiny object syndrome. Feel like I have one more class left in me, and will be either you or the 8 week course offered by the local hospital here.

    A: My workshop is going to be a half-day seminar, in a virtual group. An eight-week course at the local hospital is kind of the opposite. My guess is the content will be pretty opposite, too. 

    What I promise is that you will get everything you need to dismantle the overeating habit in our class together.

    You will know what to do.

    You will be able to do it.

    You will not binge.

    And you will probably still need support of some kind - books, friends, experts - because that is the nature and structure of life. 

    If you want someone to tell you what to eat and keep you accountable for that, a hospital course would be best. If you want the easy way to change how you eat, take my class. 

    Q: If I decide to do Body of Knowledge later, will this make it easier? cheaper? 

    A: Should you want to do the 1:1 Body of Knowledge program later, it will mean we spend less time on the basics, and more time with your unique situation. And yes, anyone who does the seminar can do BoK 1:1 for (at least) $200 less than the usual price.

    Q: An mp3 of the seminar may also be useful.

    A: Everyone will get the mp3 recordings. Video as well. Handouts. Everything! 

    Q: Thrilled that I'll have a way to learn (most of) the secrets. 

    A: Just to be clear: I have ZERO secrets. If I had any secrets, you would get ALL of them. But there aren’t any, and you should run away from anyone who says there are. (You should probably also run away from "weird tips".)

    What I will be doing here is giving you un-shocking, non-secret information in the most usable, fluff-free, all-pulled-together-for-you package of GENIUS science-based SHORTCUTS, presented with humor, kindness, hospitality and the opportunity to ask absolutely anything.

    Q: I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS!!! I've had my eye on your one-on-one but hadn't yet figured out how to stretch my Thai Baht to make it work. 

    A: That's why I'm really excited to do this affordable version, too.


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