• The affordable workshop is here!

    Let's do this.

    Oh you guys. You have been asking for an affordable class for some time now, and you deserve one. Let’s not wait any longer. Let's do this ASAP!

    We will cover all the Most Important Stuff:

    • How to start eating immediately - so that you feel good now, binge urges go away on their own, your hormones and weight start regulating themselves and your hunger calms down and life gets much, much easier.
    • How to quit bingeing NOW and/or overeating QUICKLY so that you never have to feel like crap about your eating ever again
    • How to make an identity shift so that the first two changes are comprehensive and permanent
    • How to handle eating in tricky situations like: restaurants, holidays and in the presence of nosy people who we all know should be minding their own business 

    That doesn’t hit everything we cover in Body of Knowledge, but I can promise you you’ll get everything you need to make a permanent change for the better: an end to bingeing, easy weight and hunger regulation, and whole lot of headspace back for living life without shame, obsession, self-hate and calorie-counting.

    I haven’t delivered this material in seminar form before. I’ll literally be workshopping this workshop! As such, it’ll cost less - probably in the neighborhood of $200 total - than I would typically charge for such a class.

    Here is how I imagine it happening: 

    1. one session of about 3 hours (with a couple breaks)
    2. by video conference (privacy / anonymity available)
    3. supplemental materials available before (and after)
    4. recording available afterward

    So! I want to know when you’d like to do this. Choices are between a midweek day, and a Saturday morning. Please vote here, and we’ll get this on the schedule in the next few weeks.

    That link again >>> VOTE HERE / VOTE AQUÍ

    Thank you all for pressing me to do this. We’re going to have fun! As I always say, getting your eating sorted is SO MUCH EASIER than they tell you.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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