• Woman: Greatest untapped resource? 😡

    A woman cannot get her fire going when she's consumed with what she should and shouldn't eat. 

    When a person claims that women are the greatest untapped resource on the planet, we understand they’re saying something meme-able. Something suitable for Instagram tiles, annual International Women’s Day tweets, and mugs made in factories staffed by underpaid workers of all genders.

    Because we all know that women, as a resource, have been tapped and tapped and tapped and tapped and tapped and tapped for millennia. Often for purposes other than our own.

    I kinda like this metaphor: Woman is a volcano, ready to blow. A volcano of ideas and dreams and projects and schemes and fury and indignation, of love and protective rage, generative action, creative energy, and all kinds of powers natural and supernatural. 

    A woman is a volcano capable of frying down the world that put her molten fire of genius and creativity in a little chamber underground and told her to sit on it. While counting calories.

    Now there are many ways to keep the top on a woman's volcano, from the ever-present threat of physical violence that we know often goes unpunished, down to unequal bathroom access that constrains our participation in public life. 

    (And yes, in my next life, I will probably wage war against institutions that still won't grant equal access to bathrooms for women and other non-male genders. Designers: It's 2018!

    In this lifetime, the battle I have picked is helping women break the spell of dieting and bingeing and shame and dissatisfaction that has so many of us transfixed. 

    Because a woman just cannot get her fire going when she's consumed by what she should and shouldn't be eating, and what she weighed this morning. And there are so many more gloriously on-fire things to do when we break this cycle.

    If this diet-binge-shame spiral is binding you, and you are looking for the way out, I can help you break that spell. Most of my clients stop bingeing permanently after one meeting, even if they've been out of control for decades.

    Here's a page that describes how I work: If this is what you've been waiting for, contact me, and we'll set up a quick chat - no cost, no pressure - to see if we're a fit. 

    It's all so much quicker and easier than they say. That's part of how they getcha.

Stop bingeing and overeating. Immediately.

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