• My favorite food is cement. What's yours?

    My favorite food is cement. Well, practically. 

    It’s actually bread and cheese. In all its forms: baguettes and Mt. Tam. Quesadillas. Crackers and cheddar. Wholemeal biscuits and Stilton. Potatoes and cheese, also yes. 

    That’s what my “My Plate” always used to look like: take a plate, draw a line down the middle, stodge on one side, cheese on the other. Maybe a grape for garnish.

    And that’s … pretty much the formula for glue, right there. Very similar to cement, as far as one’s metabolism is concerned. Perhaps you know what I am talking about.  

    So, ugh! What is to be done? 

    If you share my love of stodge and want to shift that a bit, here are three things: 

    1. And this is kind of a first principle of breaking specific food habits: Addition, not subtraction. Put your effort into adding better food, rather than depriving yourself.

    2. Make that additional food vegetables. This is just obvious, right? You’ve heard it before. And according to the government and also Jamie Oliver, most of us still aren’t getting anything like 5 a day. I like to get my 5 out of the way by lunchtime, so I can enjoy some guilt-free cement at dinner. (Pasta and parmesan, yum!)

    3. Whatever that food is that you love but doesn’t really love you back, be it bread or cheese or ice cream or Twinkies, no need to make it into forbidden fruit. Here’s another principle: restraint, not restriction.

    In fact, so far from swearing off your problematic fave, you might decide to lean into it and upgrade. You could go from so-so bread and cheese to a homemade loaf and some fancy cheese you’ve never tried before. From a fancy cheese shop, even. Maybe you leave the gallon ice cream in the freezer and try a pint of crazy-flavor gelato instead.

    My upgrade this month: Sauces and dressings, which are my short suit in the kitchen. Why not to have a repertoire of good stuff to take my vegetables higher? My rational mind tells me there is no good reason for my fear of learning how to make sauces and dressings.  I’ll be documenting the attempts and the terror on Instagram Monday through Thursday during the month of February. 

    Join me if you like! Or just send me your favorite dressing recipes. MWAH!

    Okay, that's the week! I'll be back before you know it. Until then,
    👊   RESPECT! 💗  ADORE!  🙏   and thank you for reading. 

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