• Get support. Like, way more than you think you need.

    Last week David Leonhardt of the New York Times wrote about guilty Thanksgivings. He spoke to Aaron Carroll of Indiana University, who said this:

    “Your health doesn’t depend on what you eat this one day. It’s what you eat the other 364 days that counts.”

    We've been saying that for weeks here. So, Americans, you now have 359 days until Thanksgiving. Canadians: 314. Wherever you are in the world, let's put yesterday behind us, and carry on.

    Now then. I was talking with a prospective client a couple days ago, and she mentioned her suspicion that she could need ongoing support. 

    As in, after we worked together. As in, what if I spend all this money, and sure, things get way better, and I quit bingeing, and I start losing weight, and I’m feeling pretty good, and … I still need some kind of help? What if I’m not completely done in six weeks?

    And I think my answer would be the same for anyone who asked me that question: Of course you’re going to need more support after we’re done. (This client will be done eating compulsively, though. I feel comfortable making that guarantee for everyone I work with.) 

    It's like this: You quit bingeing but you still hate your job. Or you quit eating so much sugar and you want support with nutrition. Or you have questions about hormones. Or cooking. You might need a trainer or a therapist or a totally different coach. Or a new BFF.

    But you will for sure need support of some kind, for the rest of your life.

    Because humans need the support of other humans, in the flesh, in word, in the form of role models - all of it. As Geneen Roth once said to me - and all the other women supporting each other at this particular retreat: Get wayyyyyy more support than you think you need.

    And as I always say to my clients, get it set up well in advance.

    Needing support is not a personal failing that turns us into prey animals for expensive coaches and therapists and trainers. Neither is needing support a human design flaw. It’s how we’re built, so we should build it into our expectations, our budget and our schedule.

    And enjoy the very best support we can get our hands on.

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