• What do you have to believe to eat better and lose weight?

    A while ago I recommended the tarot-oriented newsletter of Jessa Crispin here.

    (That post wasn't about tarot per se - and this one isn't either.)

    Anyway, a reader wrote back to ask Okay… but do you actually believe in tarot?

    Very good question!

    As Crispin herself would point out, tarot is not a belief system. It’s just a tool. But what would you have to believe in order to make use of it? That pictures can tell stories? That stories are learning tools? That words and images can spark creative problem-solving ideas? That life contains archetypes and patterns to be recognized?

    Or what about this tool called feng shui? What do you have to believe to “believe” in feng shui? That our surroundings affect our emotional states, and that our state informs our actions and our actions make up our lives, over time? Is this eccentric? There’s a reason that Marines are taught to make a tidy bed, and it’s not so they can get work as chambermaids when they’re discharged.

    Us, we’re about breaking bad habits and cultivating good ones, especially in the area of food and weight and eating. So my question to you today is 

    What would you have to believe to believe in yourself? That you’re capable of change? 

    That’s not hard! You have changed all the way down to the cellular level.That's just since breakfast. 

    Put it this way: What do you have to believe, to believe you CAN’T change? 

    I think you have to believe that you’re truly, fundamentally different from everyone else. That the laws of physics and human bodies don’t apply to you. That you are exceptionally fucked up. You are the exception.

    And of course, we can all see the attraction of this idea. Because we all have it, to some degree. (Which makes us all ordinary. Dammit!)

    But belief is mostly a bridge too far. If we think we need to believe in something before adopting it, it’s gonna get gnarly fast. There will be too many contradictions and articles of faith and attached bits of nonsense and unappealing fellow believers and maybe even stupid outfits. 

    It would be better to ask: Is this thing USEFUL? Does this tool WORK? What are the RESULTS when I use it?

    If you are interested in results like stopping binge eating immediately, not missing it at all, still having your favorite foods when you want them, losing weight permanently, and not feeling “less than” any other person on this planet, let’s talk about that!

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