• It's what you're EATING

    People usually come to me to solve weight problems. (Of course we solve their eating problems too, because we must. And because it's the best way to solve weight problems.) But they do not come saying, Max! I am now ready to eat sensibly for pretty much the rest of my life.

    Nope. Basically, I see two kinds of people:

    1. People who wish like hell there was a solution to their weight problem that didn't involve changing the way they eat, because man, that is like the worst news ever. Who doesn't want to stay skinny eating pizza and burritos all the time? What if quantum physics or special breathing were the answer?

      These people are the majority. And I understand them; that was me. Reader, I'd be drinking maple syrup out my latte bowl for breakfast today if I could stay skinny(-adjacent) while doing it. <- not even kidding; ask my roommates

    2. People who will not consider that the solution to their weight problems is to change the way they eat. It's got to be something else. Something medical, probably. Something no one has been able to figure out, although they've tried everything and been to a bunch of different people and read a million books and looked at all the websites.

      These are people more interested in being exceptional than solving problems. And they usually avoid coaches like me.

    Anyway, spoiler: For almost all people in both groups, the answer is that it's what you're eating. If you want to change your weight, you'll have to change what you eat.

    When we see that actually this is the best news ever, we're pretty much there.

    So the place to start looking is at what's going into your mouth. Not outside for more exotic explanations.

    Try this test: If it was the only way to save your child's life or end white male supremacy in the next five minutes, would you be able to figure out exactly where the extra weight is coming from?

    I can do it in a trice: Second latte at 10:30, second glass of wine with dinner, granola instead of eggs at breakfast, chocolate every day instead of occasionally. Sure enough, that adds up to a few extra pounds.

    No biggie. Now I have a choice, and it only took me a couple minutes to figure out. I didn't have to hire a detective or get any lab tests or scratch my head for a really long time while drinking latte #3.

    How bout you make your list right now. You don't have to do anything with it. That's important! I for one am not giving up my cheap-ass Cava to drop a few pounds, and you don't have to either.

    But if you make the list you will have a place to start when you do want to do something. You won't be sitting around cussing your crazy, impossible, inexplicable problem that no one will ever be able to solve because you are such an anomaly.

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