• Takeaways: How's that working for me?

    And here is where I report on whether and how I did anything different as a result of my reading. 

    Nothing fussy, just a little update as we go.

    The BookThe TakeawayHow'd that go?
    Take my pleasure in small doses every day, like the cheese course. It is ON. Cheese! Back on the menu. (But as a small thing. Not as a substitute for vegetable matter.)

    I love you, Shonda, but your cheese advice is bringing me down.
    Short term: Hit the hammam, and spend all day. There's a very affordable one in San Francisco.

    Long term: Participate in the theatre of life. Refuse to feel bad about wishing to be, on occasion, a tiny bit of an artful spectacle.
    Next time someone shares bad news, listen kindly and stay stumm. Repeat forever.

    1. Buy bulk cheese

    2. Write every day

    Funny thing about this: I've stopped eating cheese. NEVER thought that would happen - it used to be my go-to lunch - but the vegetables have crowded it out. 

    As of Jan 1, 2017, I am NOT writing every day.

    Cook a fresh pot of brown rice every Sunday night, so it's ready to go The easiest thing I've ever done to take care of Future Me. One cup of dry rice or quinoa = a week of lunch bases, ready to be steamed and eaten with store-bought hummus, felafel, avocado, harissa, roast or steamed veggies, all manner of dinner leftovers. BIG WIN.
    Write out a "thoroughbred" Rx, from Dr Max to Patient Max Done! It's really simple, my Rx: foot exercises daily, strength training 3x/week, and a big bowl of vegetables for lunch every working day. 

    ACTUALLY performing it is another matter, of course. But things are looking pretty good, as of the New Year.

Stop bingeing and overeating. For good.

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