• Wayfinder's Quest Post #94: Coffee tastes better when we're together

    Wayfinding: an experiment in magic. We do it together!

    Coincidences (aka signs of Forming)

    Randy Newman has come up a couple times this week. He doesn't really count because people my age can be expected to invoke Randy Newman. It's not unusual.

    What was unusual was that one of the people mentioned the song "You've Got a Friend in Me." It's not your typical Randy at his savagely wittiest, as you probably know. It's very sweet. It is now my song this week.

    Along with Serebro's Mama Lover, which is my other favorite friendship- (and unicorn-horn-) themed video this week.


    These Wayfinding posts have been going on almost two years! We're coming up on the 100th post. I am now imagining making a little list of everything I've Imagined during this extended experiment, and taking stock of the results. It's time! 

    Updates on past experiments

    The most important thing I ever imagined, the best experiment of all, was meeting and marrying Supergravity Jones.

    I was very lonely before I met him. I had had a very painful marriage, and even more painful divorce, and then some painful dates and painful relationships and oh dear, ugh, pain and loneliness and ugh.

    (I'm leaving a lot out here.)

    Then I decided I would prefer to be on my own than trying to squish myself into some form that might be pleasing to a mate. Given 1. how painful the squishing process always was and 2. how bad I was at guessing what might even be pleasing - beyond the obvious basics that are skill-dependent and not personality-depenedent, and at which obvs you know what? I think I'll leave some shit out here, too.

    Anyway, that decision was very relaxing, and then I met Mr Jones. And I did not give a SHIT if he liked me or not, because by that time I quite liked being on my own.

    No doubt, no doubt that is a big part of why things worked out so well. And continue, knock on wood, to work out so well.

    I am very appreciative of this relationship, and while it is not perfect, I can honestly say

    1. it does not take work to be with this man
    2. I squish myself much, much less than I ever have
    3. there is space for me to see where I still am squishing myself
    4. there is very little conflict between us and
    5. I do not at all take the relationship for granted. I am grateful every day.

    One of the things I am grateful about is that every morning while I am sitting on my cushion meditating, Mr Jones is downstairs, making my café au lait or my latte or my caffè con panna or whatever I ask for, and it is always delicious.

    And we drink our coffee together, and that makes it taste even better. I go to sleep every night excited about my next cup of coffee.

    Also, New Blighty exit strategies are all well and good. And alive.

    However, a lot of the things on my New Blighty bucket list are warm-weather activities. I'm moving it indoors, in deference to the Reality of Winter here, aka Reason to Leave Número Uno.

    (Well, I'll still be climbing the stadium stairs. I'm now more than halfway round, and adding two sections a week.)

    Anyway, I have now replaced my old tourist-destination list with a date-night destination list. This, plus stadium stepping, should keep me warm.

    Destination: Date night

    1. Area Four
    2. Asta
    3. Belly Wine Bar
    4. Bondir
    5. Brine
    6. Clio
    7. Coppa
    8. L'Espalier
    9. Myers & Chang
    10. No. 9 Park
    11. O-Ya
    12. Ribelle
    13. Scampo
    14. Shojo
    15. Strip-T's
    16. Toro
    17. West Bridge

    That should keep us busy for a while, but please feel free to suggest additions.

    I love comments

    It's true! I do. Go ahead and add one!

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