• Interview with Susan Hyatt: Love your booty, love yourself.

    1. Interview with Susan Hyatt: Love your booty, love yourself.


    Susan Hyatt: Coach. Author. Defender of bikini-wearing. I bet you'd like her slumber party....

    Yesterday I talked with the generous, smart and sassy Susan Hyatt, a life coach. Susan is the author of Create Your Own Luck, the co-director of the Weight School, and an energetic and hilarious champion of the idea that our bodies, whatever their size, are nothing to be ashamed of. You may have seen her over on Facebook recently, proudly rocking a bikini in defiance of the woman who proclaimed that Susan needed to lose another 10 pounds before hitting a public beach. 

    Well! As Susan herself says, Haters to the left. (An excellent motto; please feel free to adopt it for your own use.)

    So we talk about that. Haters, and the relationship of the mean-girl phenomenon to self-hatred. (Hint: it don't gotta be.) We talk about projection, and self-care, and loving your booty - as well as this beautiful, delicious life.

    We also talk about how sometimes, when we think we really need to lose 10 or 15, we might actually need to gain weight. It's kind of a contrarian interview.

    And (SPOILER ALERT) Susan hints she might not be done buying bikinis. 

    Susan, who's a native of Savannah, is hosting her Weight School's Slumber Party in that city this October. There will be Southern hospitality, surprises, lusciousness, hilarity and big shifts. There are three slots left, and you can get the details here.

    If that sounds delightful but you'd also like to get going before October, you'll want to have a look at my September class Final15: Finishing School for the Last Few Pounds.

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