• Fog eating: We can't believe we ate the whole thing.

    The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention. --Cheri Huber, There is Nothing Wrong With You 

    Specially for those of you who appreciate alliteration, we will call the third type of eating "fog" eating. You know it well: it's when you walk into your parents' house years after you've left home and open the fridge before doing anything else. It's when you grab a bag of Fritos and settle in to watch your Stories, and your hand scrapes the bottom of the bag, and you think Wha??? What just happened? It's when you're having a meal and a difficult conversation at the same time, and you have no idea how your body is responding to the food you're putting into it.

    You can probably come up with many examples and variations on these, but essentially, all fog eating is eating without attention.

    So the goal is to eliminate it altogether. 

    That right there is a big manifold win. Eliminating fog eating by definition means 

    • eating less, so painless weight loss (wheee!!!)
    • being present for all the pleasure and satisfaction available when we eat
    • paying attention to ourselves

    In fact, that last point, paying attention to ourselves, is both one of the ends, and it's also the means. 

    I will tell you a big fat secret right now, although there are lots of posts left to write in this series: Paying attention is the golden key to everything. Everything

    Including creating lasting change without suffering. Like painless weight loss. 

    I am not kidding. This is it.

    Next week: The fourth kind of eating: F*kkit!
    Last week: Food should be 90% fuel, 10% fun (or, you know, something like that) 

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