I really care about

Women's bodies. They mostly don't matter in our culture in the ways I would like to see. But they really matter to me.

Helping anyone who wants to get out from under dieting.

Self-care, wellbeing and the Good Life.

Crushing patriarchy - beneath the heels of my (secondhand) Loubs.

Getting dressed up for dinner.

Beauty - not beauty norms. 

Replacing diet culture with food culture and conviviality.

Replacing dieting and weight obsession with ... really, anything else. Anything you want, or something you haven't even imagined beyond obsession.

Some facts

I have a BA in English from Wellesley College. I've worked as a life coach and consultant since 2010, and was trained and certified by Martha Beck, PhD. 

In my work I aim to help women completely stop bingeing, dieting and overeating.

I've used many techniques in my practice and my own life, and I've never found anything simpler or more effective than the research-based habits demolition work of Gillian Riley. So that's what I use with myself and my clients.

My work is also informed by that of 

  • Susie Orbach
  • Kathryn Hansen
  • Traci Mann
  • Cheri Huber
  • Jeffrey Schwartz
  • Byron Katie
  • Paul Campos


I'm from Boulder, Colorado and live in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a Colonial-era village on the coast, where my husband and I just moved into a 300-year-old house that used to belong to a pirate. 

Stop bingeing and overeating. For good.

Places I've been