2019 Planner

2019: Plan your Year (and enjoy the process!)

It's been a year, right? And still, personally, 2018 has been my best year so far, in just about every way.

I would like 2019 to be even better, for all of us.

Thus: I have for you a simple, enjoyable, and very effective 2019 planner. Twenty pages of planning magic in printable download format*.

The details

First, have you already read all about this and are ready to download and start planning away? Voilà, the button:



In late 2016 I went on a walking holiday in Cornwall. This is one of the most stunning places on earth, I'm pretty sure, but the beauty of nature is not the reason I cried so much there. No, that was because of my knee. I wound up doing the last leg (haha) of our South West Coast Path trip by bus.

And then I got diagnosed with osteopenia. 

So in 2017 I decided I wanted to be pain-free and more flexible. And ... I got a little better.

I also got a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Which, obviously, is a lot worse. So I didn't actually make the progress that would have counted.

In 2018, I got smart about it and did things different. I did some planning. I set some goals and priorities. I decided I wanted to be pain-free and HELLA STRONG.

And in early November 2018, my new (not a coincidence) physical therapist pinched me all over with his calipers (science!!!) and looked very excited and said this: "You have entered a rare air. Very few 58-year-old women gain this kind of lean body mass in a few months, particularly if they're not new to exercise." 

That's right: I am a crone with fresh muscle and bone! (It can be done.) And that's not all.

I also had my best year yet as a self-employed woman. I earned more and worked less. I went to some beautiful places, made new friends, took some beach days, and helped more people than ever before stop binge eating

How was this accomplished? Does a person need superpowers to do it? Must you have an exceptionally good start in life? Do a lot of self-help reading? 

Maybe you need to be the kind of person who aces the marshmallow test?

(Oh, hell, no, you do not. I personally am the kind of gal who, as a child, used any time alone in a locked room to find and eat whole marshmallow stashes. Maybe also once or twice as an adult. Not recently of course.) 

Maybe you just have to get lucky???

Nope, you do not! 

What you need to do is make a simple plan.

You ask yourself a few smart and deceptively simple questions and then set a few priorities - that do not include dieting, just in case you were worried - and let the other things fall into place, which they will.

"I already love the planner, and I haven’t even started filling it in. Just the concepts of how to think about planning all are so smart and helpful." --Cyndi Lee, OM Yoga 

"I am not a planner. I hate new year's resolutions. And spending time with Max's 2019 planner was one of the most relaxing, nourishing, and inspiring things I've done lately. She takes all of the improve-yourself-and-earn-your-worth culture OUT of the planning process, and infuses it with the hilarious wisdom of the older sister you always wish you had." --Simone Grace Seol, Fortunetelling hypnotist

Anyone who wants to create a little guide to what's important - aka their heart's desires - can have the 2019 of their dreams.

I have made a very easy and fun planning tool for you, and you can get started on it today, if you like.

How much is it?

$10. You get a printable download (20 pages, PDF format) to scribble, draw and scheme in.

How long will it take to do? 

1-2 hours to create your plan, and another 2-4 to review it over the year. Every minute of it will be full of fun and self-discovery.

Can I get a preview?

Why yes! Here's a sample you can download and print right now.

No other investment requires so little of your time and money - and gives you so very much in return.

Want to join me? Are you saying Hell, yeah! That's for me, too! I want some of that! And I'm gonna get it! If so, please do:


You should know: I am pretty sure that by this time next year you will be texting me screens and screens full of brags and accomplishments and wishes come true.

*Spiral binding is for illustration purposes only. It is a Serving Suggestion spiral! You could also use staples or binder clips ;)