Hello. I'm Max Daniels, a personal coach and weight-loss consultant. If you're here because you want to lose weight without a huge struggle, you're in the right place.

I work with women who have done their very best to lose weight through rigorous dieting and exercise, over and over again. Women who have worked really, really hard - and failed to get the results they wanted, never for long, and maybe not at all.

I show them how to lose weight by doing less work, and having more fun. How to stop wasting time on methods that are never going to work, and how to get the quickest results possible doing what does actually work.

My method is simple and pleasurable. It delivers smaller jeans, yes - but so much more: freedom, happiness, the Good Life.

This approach is not for everyone. But if you are exhausted by dieting without results, and sick and tired of putting your life on hold, I can help you.