Hello! I'm Max Daniels, a feminist weight-loss coach and consultant. I show women how to lose weight permanently with less struggle and more pleasure. I show them how to stop wasting time on methods that are never going to work. And how to get quicker results doing what does work.

If what you've been trying has left you starving, exhausted, demoralized and fatter - if you are sick and tired of putting your life on hold - I've got the goods for you.

I help women to

  • lose weight permanently
  • give up dieting and going hungry
  • stop overeating and bingeing
  • be happy and healthy at their natural weight
  • stop “putting life on hold” until they are the “right” size
  • quit trying really hard as a method for getting what they want
  • have a glorious, beautiful, delicious life before, during and after losing weight - including the enjoyment of food, meals, parties and feasts

My work is about supporting a woman in replacing self-hatred with self-care. I help women trade shame for self-respect. Let go of obsession and get back a world of choice. And I show women how to go straight at what they want now, rather than waiting to be "worthy."

My method is simple, effective and pleasurable. And it can be used by anyone. You don't have to be young, or rich, or clear your calendar to get started.

The results: Freedom, happiness, the Good Life, smaller jeans, and yes, permanent weight loss.